THRIVE uses Positive Psychology and coaching methods to help teens and young adults translate wants, intentions, and dreams into doable goals.

The focus of THRIVE is to help teens and aspiring adults establish a way of relating to themselves that confidently engages them with their individuality and the interests and opportunities they wish to explore and pursue. Through individual sessions, I work to identify client's strengths and passions and to overcome self-limiting beliefs. In the work of discovering and clarifying intentions, desires and dreams we will ask and explore powerful questions that will open each person further to their self and help develop strategies for moving from ideas into action. We will replace the anxiety that is often associated with navigating life’s transitions with enthusiasm and embolden young people with their own vision and plan for beginning their own life.  I provide the framework and the accountability needed for self-reflective discovery, and help young people make choices aligned with their personal strengths, values and desires. 

The end goal is for teens and young adults to know who they are, what they value and how they want to move forward in their lives.  Learning this process now helps develop adaptive and creative strategies for engaging in new goals and desires as they mature and evolve and deal with all of life’s challenges and changes. 

The Coaching Relationship

The coaching relationship I share with my clients is a creative and powerfully engaged alliance. I am committed and passionate about helping you gain clarity about what you want to do in your life, how you want to feel in your life, and help you move positively forward.

This process involves your willingness and courage to be open-hearted and truthful about who and where you are now, and then together we explore the choices that are present for you. My role is to facilitate the exploration and encourage you to stretch into all that you want for yourself. This includes paying close attention to who you want to be as you move towards your goals and aspirations.


  • I will come to each session with enthusiasm for you and your process and always hold your life
    with the utmost respect.
  • We will discover what inspires you and what keeps momentum and a sense of aliveness present in your life.
  • We will use tools for identifying core strengths and assessing life balance and meaning.
  • We will discover fresh perspectives on things you cannot change and things you can.
  • Together we will explore and uncover what contributes to you feeling stuck and confused.
  • We will learn to let go of unhelpful behaviors, and begin to create positive ways to nurture and care for yourself and your dreams.
  • We will develop strategies for moving from ideas into action.
  • Our partnership will include a sense of play and laughter.
  • We will uncover and celebrate your individual voice, vision and plan for the life you choose to live.